The Loop bridge at Camino de la Tierra is finally finished and ready for Tucson cyclists to ride over.

Pima County and The City of Tucson have been hard at work. What a fabulous job they are doing making The Loop path something we Tucsonans can be proud of.

Can’t wait for the last section to be completed by Price Club and Ft Lowell park near Grant Road. This will complete The Loop. It is almost done.

The north side of The Loop is better to be on because of the Tucson Mall as you head east. So after crossing the Camino de la Teirra bridge heading east you can stay on the south side of the path. When you get to La Cholla heading east cross over and get on the north side of The Loop to avoid having to go through the Tucson Mall where The Loop stops for a section.

Check out the pictures below of the bridge over Camino de la Tierra.