Learn more about cycling in Arizona. Arizona has some awesome road bike and mountain bike rides in the state.

Enjoy The Ride… Louis & Joy Bike Bag

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LOUIS & JOY by Lindsey Passe is a brand focusing on cycling bags made in a small studio in Houston, Texas (recently moved from Marin County California). Robin LOUIS & Betty JOY, who are her parents, inspire and motivate her every day. After her father passed away in 2014, Lindsey began riding bikes as a form [...]

Tucson Masters Swimming… Why Tucson Is a Mecca For Triathletes!

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There are many reasons why Tucson, AZ is a mecca for Triathletes. Triathletes from all over the world flock to Tucson to train from November to May during Tucson's cooler months. Plus you will see elite pro triathletes like Ben Hoffman, featured in the video above, who trains in Tucson leading up to Ironman Hawaii [...]

The Loop Bridge at Camino de la Tierra Is Finally Finished

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The Loop bridge at Camino de la Tierra is finally finished and ready for Tucson cyclists to ride over. Pima County and The City of Tucson have been hard at work. What a fabulous job they are doing making The Loop path something we Tucsonans can be proud of. Can't wait for the last section to be [...]

Wilmot Road Is Now Paved To Sahuarita Rd.. Great Section of Road For Bike Ride in Tucson

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Wilmot Road Is Now Paved To Sahuarita Rd Which Opens Up Tons Of New Road Bike Ride Options Hey Tucson good new for cyclists! Wilmot Rd to Sharuarita Rd is now paved with a huge bike lane. Once you get passed I-10 and the prisons heading south on Wilmot Rd is now paved and great place [...]

Lumos Bike Helmet

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The Lumos Bike Helmet is a great idea and invention. Instead of putting lights on your bike, how about having the lights integrated into your helmet. During the winter months I like to still get our early and will spend the first hour to two hours in the dark. Instead of making sure my lights are [...]

RBar Energy Bars

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Last Saturday I was riding the Shootout group bike ride here in Tucson, AZ and Victor Riquelme executive chef or RBAR was handing out RBARS to the cyclists on the ride. I had never tried one of the RBARS before and have to say the bars are awesome! They are delicious, healthy and easy to eat! [...]

Pima Regional Trail System – Miles and Miles of Bike Trails Planned in Tucson, AZ

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There is currently about 400 miles of trails for cyclists, hikers and equestrians to enjoy in Pima County. According to Pima County officials there are many more paved paths and trails to come. The Pima Regional Trail System Master Plan calls for 2,275 miles of paved paths and trails. To read more about the detailed plan CLICK [...]

Riding Up Mt Lemmon? Fuel Up At Le Buzz Caffe!

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Many cyclist that ride up Mt Lemmon park in the Safeway shopping located at the corner of Tanque Verde and Catalina Highway. Located within the shopping center is an awesome caffe called Le Buzz Caffe. They have great menu and excellent coffee. After a hard ride up Mt Lemmon make fueling up at Le Buzz Caffe [...]

Arizona Group Bike Rides

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There are tons of great group bike rides in the state of Arizona. Tucson is home to one of the best group bike rides in the country called the Shootout that happens year around every Saturday. Do you have a group bike ride that happens on a consistent basis? If so, we would love to add the [...]

Best Bike Rides in Tucson, Arizona

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BEST ROAD BIKE RIDES IN TUCSON, ARIZONA | TOP CYCLING ROUTES The state of Arizona has some awesome bike rides. But hands down ride for ride Tucson has the best bike rides in the state of Arizona. Ok, so there is some bias towards Tucson. If you are coming to Tucson and going to ride your [...]

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