Triathletes: New Victory Swim Goggles Offer Better Visibility and Comfort

A few days ago I got to try a new type of swim goggles.

They’re called VICTORY Mirrored Swim Goggles and are designed to stay on your face, have a wider field of view, and also be more comfortable than other goggles.

I actually felt these Victory goggles had better wide-angle visibility and were more comfortable than my Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggles. I tried these swimming laps but I’m sure they also work great for open water swimming.

These are not sold in stores, but you can read the product description below and get them on Amazon if you’re looking to try something new. Also, I got the guy who designed these goggles to give my blog readers a 50% discount – check that out below…

Victory Mirrored Swim Goggles

Are you frustrated with goggles that don’t stay on your face? Victory swim goggles are designed to stay in place — without giving you a headache!

The No-Leak eyecup design and comfortable silicone material will help you swim faster, swim longer, and enjoy the water without having to stop and fix your goggles. Here’s a quick run down on what makes these goggles different:

  • Better Seal — No-Leak eye cups designed to give you a perfect seal, every time — no more stopping to fix your goggles during training or competition.
  • More Comfortable — unique design for comfort and made with premium quality silicone that’s softer while still durable — no more headaches or pain around eye sockets.
  • Greater Visibility — extra wide angle design — see everything with crystal clear vision without having to turn your head and lose time.
  • High Grade Lenses — made from a proprietary polycarbonate material then tinted and mirrored to reduce glare — also coated for Anti-Fog and UV protection, so no squinting or wiping.
  • Cool Style without sacrificing performance or comfort — perfect for the fitness swimmer, swim practice, or open water triathlons — 2 options: Gray with light blue lenses for all times of day, and Black with darker lenses for when it’s really bright.

50% off – 50 goggles available at this discount:

Visit this website and you’ll get an email with a coupon code for 50% off: