Top 10 Road Bike Rides

Mt Lemmon Road

Miles : 41 to 60 miles Dificulty : Hard
Cycling up the Mt Lemmon Hwy in Tucson, Arizona is an epic ride and will rival some of the best climbs across the country. You start off at about 2,557 ft surrounded by saguaro cactus and mesquite trees and climb as high as 8,198 ft to pine tree vegetation and cool air.

Lake Mary Road

Miles : 41 to 60 miles Dificulty : Moderate
The Lake Mary road bike ride in Flagstaff, Arizona is one of the best road bike rides in the state of Arizona.This ride has it all; a great bike lane, no traffic lights, great scenery, some rolling hills, short climbs, and places to stop and fuel up along the bike route.

Bartlett Lake Road

Miles : 41 to 60 miles Dificulty : Hard
The bike ride to Bartlett Lake is an AWESOME out an back ride with tons of climbing.You can start anywhere along the route if you want to increase or decrease the mileage.At the turn around at Bartlett lake there is a marina that if open you can fill up your water bottles and take a bathroom break. During the summer months take a swim in the lake to cool off or if you are a triathlete go for a swim to get in a brick workout.

Shootout Group Road

Miles : 41 to 60 miles Dificulty : Hard
Pictured to the right are the start times of the Shootout.The Shootout is one of the best group bike rides in the country according to Bicycling Magazine. During the winter months big name professional cyclist and triathletes can be found on the ride.

Tortilla Flats Road

Miles : 41 to 60 miles Dificulty : Hard
Tortilla Flats bike ride is a beautiful out and back ride in the Superstition Mountain range east of Mesa, Arizona that takes you past Canyon Lake.This ride is best to do during late fall, winter and early spring. During the warmer months the road is packed with boaters heading to the lake. Best to get an early start to avoid the traffic if you plan to ride this route during late spring, summer and early fall.

Prescott, Skull Valley

Miles : 41 to 60 miles Dificulty : Hard
If you are in Prescott, Arizona and looking for a killer road bike ride, this loop is a must!The loop starts from Prescott then takes you to Skull Valley then Kirkland and then back to Prescott. The ride is right up there with one of the best road bike rides in the state of Arizona. The ride has everything; killer descent, flats, climbs with scenic views.

Snow Bowl Road

Miles : 21 to 40 miles Dificulty : Hard
Yes the picture to the upper right is where you are going.The bike ride to the top of Snow Bowl is up there with one of the best climbs in the state of Arizona. The Snow Bowl Hill Climb views are breath taking. Bring your camera!

Saguaro National Park

Miles : 1-20 miles Dificulty : Easy
Know as “The Loop,” to Tucson cyclists. The Saguaro National Park East road bike ride is one of the most popular rides in the Tucson area.This is a spectacular circuit on the east side of Tucson that winds through a cactus forest to the base of the Rincon Mountains.

Usery Pass Road

Miles : 21 to 40 miles Dificulty : Moderate
Located in Mesa, Arizona, Usery Pass road bike ride is a favorite loop amongst Phoenix cyclist.This loop has been part of the course of many USCF cycling races over the years and triathlons staged at Saguaro Lake. There are many variations from this ride to add mileage.

Gates Pass

Miles : 21 to 40 miles Dificulty : Hard
This is a popular bike ride on the west side of Tucson, Arizona. You pass Old Tucson and the Desert Museum along the ride.There are some great views at the top of Gates Pass. Stop and take a look to the east and to the west.