Shootout Group Bike Ride – Tucson, Arizona

Shootout Group Bike Ride – Tucson, Arizona
41 to 60 miles


The Shootout group bike ride start times are pictured above.

The Shootout is one of the best group bike rides in the country according to Bicycling Magazine. During the winter months big name professional cyclist and triathletes from all over the world ride the Shootout for their fast tempo training and leg speed.

It is a great ride to get back in shape fast!

The Shootout is every Saturday morning. Rain or shine it happens!

It starts from the University of Arizona mall on University between Park and Euclid. Start time ranges form 6 AM in the summer months to 7:30 AM in the winter months and anywhere in between as the seasons change.

The ride rolls out easy for the first 10 miles but once the ride crosses Valencia it is game on. Get ready for a fast bike ride!

The ride ranges in size from 60 to 150+ riders.

The Shootout group bike ride has some ride variations to consider:

  1. DOWN HELMET PEAK: If you get dropped don’t panic you can go down Helmet Peak and ride back in with the main group CLICK HERE.
  2. MADERA CANYON: To make it a century ride turn down Continental Road to Madera Canyon CLICK HERE.
  3. UP HELMET PEAK: To get in a few extra miles and add a steady climb go up Helmet Peak to Mission Road CLICK HERE.
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