Best Bike Rides in Tucson, Arizona

top bike rides in tucson az


The state of Arizona has some awesome bike rides. But hands down ride for ride Tucson has the best bike rides in the state of Arizona.

Ok, so there is some bias towards Tucson.

If you are coming to Tucson and going to ride your bike below are the top 10 road bike rides you should do.

Check out the top cycling routes along with the mileage, maps, and elevation profiles by clicking on the links of the best bike rides in Tucson, AZ below.

If you have any questions about any of the rides feel free to comment on the ride you have a question about.

Top Bike Rides In Tucson Arizona

Here are the top 10 Road Bike Rides in Tucson, Arizona:

  1. Mt Lemmon – Up there with some of the best climbs in the US!
  2. Shootout Group Bike Ride – Best group bike ride in the country!
  3. Gates Pass / McCain Loop – West side desert beauty!
  4. Saguaro National Monument East – Heaven!
  5. Tuesday Group Ride – Hammer Fest!
  6. Marsh Station – Best kept Tucson secret!
  7. Madera Canyon – Favorite among the pros during their winter training.
  8. Colossal Cave – East side favorite!
  9. Cody Loop – Northwest favorite!
  10. Saddlebrooke Ride – Cool ride on the northwest side of Tucson!

Other Notable Top Bike Rides In Tucson, Arizona

  1. The Loop – Easy way to ride Tucson without traffic
  2. Sabino Canyon – One of Tucson’s most scenic

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Picture was taken in Saguaro National Park East. Awesome bike ride in Tucson!

Tucson has the perfect topography for bicycling with everything from high mountains to desert flatlands. The thriving, active cycling community is one of bicycling’s best-kept secrets. But it won’t stay that way, as the community is earning honors as a “bicycle friendly” city that hosts major biking events like El Tour De Tucson. El Tour De Tucson is the largest perimeter cycling event in the country.

Tucson is already a mecca for bicyclists from around the world during the winter months, as its Tucson Home Searchtopography, sunny skies and mild temperatures create the perfect environment. My pro cyclists and triathletes from all over the world train in Tucson, AZ during the winter months in preparation for the racing season.

There are not too many places in the country where you can start a ride in the desert at 2,500 feet and end up in the pine trees at Mt. Lemmon at 9,000 feet. But even in the summer, early mornings are a great time to ride in Tucson. Some people are just rolling out of bed by the time the avid cyclists have finished an invigorating 60-mile ride!

The city has numerous riding groups, with more forming all of the time. One of the best in the country is the group that meets for the Saturday morning Shootout, which attracts around 100 to 150 riders for rides ranging from 60 to 80 miles.

Tucson’s sun and heat can get pretty intense during late spring, summer and fall. Make sure you put plenty of sunscreen on and stay hydrated so the desert sun and heat don’t get the best of you.

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